About me

Hi, I'm Derrick and this is my blog. In my “day job”, I am an independent consultant, providing technical expertise to clients in several industries through terminus data science, LLC. I've been at it since 2013 and have worked on everything from machine learning for oil and gas production optimization to domain-specific language design.

One way or another, my life's been tied up with computing (and computers) for a long time. Here, I'll write on a variety of topics—some practical, some academic, some silly, most somewhere in between.

Some of my favorite things, which will surely come up often:

I don't like social media. Centralized gatekeepers of content, profiting from the creations of others, seem to me to be the exact kind of thing the Internet was supposed to “interpret as damage and route around”. You can find me on LinkedIn (a necessary evil), occasionally on IRC bouncing around Libera.Chat as dwt_, or (experimentally) on Matrix (a decentralized and encrypted messaging system) as @derrick:usethe.computer.

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